A Bit of Retro on the Side…a Donna Does Dresses reblog


A Bit of Retro On the Side! 

JULY 26, 2019

Flashback Style!

I love to wear styles of clothing from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s and most of it is reproduction clothing or contemporary items that I’ve styled to look like they’re from a past era.

This two piece suit is by an Australian retro-fashion designer, @retrospec’d and I picked it up on a big sale a couple of years ago.

I like to wear it with a bright colour underneath and usually wear the green or red blouse although a jumper or skivvy would be okay too.

Seeing spots before my eyes…

The classic polka dot print is great to get that vintage vibe and it’s also a trend, along with stripes, in current fashion.

There are no shoulder pads in the jacket and it fits beautifully and snuggly on the waist and cuffs, which is my preference.

Full, puff sleeves are also a hallmark of the period and I like that these allow plenty of room to move.

Simplicity Is Key!

The a-line skirt is simple, falling to just below the knee, which is perfect for winter.

It looks like I am going to have to ferret out the right coloured tights online or just should have worn black, as I usually do with this, because these tights are completely wrong with this outfit.

A Touch of Hungary…

I was waiting to see my Doctor and another patient said that the pattern on my shoes was classic Hungarian – and she actually was Hungarian, which I found to be very interesting!!

I felt that these shoes along with the flying ducks brooch and alien earrings brought a bit of fun to the outfit because I generally don’t take myself or fashion trrribly seriously!!

Who’s A Grumpy Old Lady?

I love comedy and we have this show here in Australia called ‘Grumpy Old Women’… it’s hilarious and has mature women having a whinge about little things like kids running around and crying when you’re out at the shops while their young Mums drink lattes and ignore them – you get the idea?

Anyway, so I had a grumpy old lady moment yesterday when I called into a little antique, bric-a-brac shop and bought a couple of sweet little Asian style parasols, maybe to use in my Steampunk Costumes, and the shopkeeper was putting one up and testing it in the shop when a Debbie Downer came by and said “Ooh!! That’s bad luck!!” – I mean here’s an idea just keep your Negative Nancy thoughts to yourself!! Sometimes people are annoying …

Thank you for joining me in my little corner of the web – and I’d love to hear your thoughts in retro dressing and grumpy old lady or men moments or whatever in the comments below or leave a like or follow…


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