Gingers are vastly underrepresented in Hollywood.



Scott Lang/Ant-Man clearly has red hair in the comics. I was like the only one who really made a fuss about that. No one else in large numbers seemed to care at the time. His movie version is played by Paul Rudd.

No one made a fuss about Paul Rudd, but people DID make a fuss about Annie and Ariel being changed to black actors. I wonder why? It seems proof the concern the black actors playing them than the change in red hair.

Marvel’s only redhead is Black Widow, and she ain’t even a natural redhead. She’s Russian.

Archie from Riverdale has red hair, and that’s a start, but his red hair is SO obviously fake, it’s laughable. His complexion does not match a ginger. KJ Apa, the actor, has dark brown hair. And he hasn’t a single freckle to his dark olive complexion. The comics Archie is an…

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