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Tips on Finding the Best Bed for your Cat


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When looking for a cat bed you should be aware that cats can sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours a day. Cat beds are going to help prevent cats from sleeping on your bed in the house, couches, and other furniture. For the best cat bed, you should consider the size, style, and material of the bed. There are additional features that can be purchased as well from places such as PetClever. But let’s look at what makes a good bed first.

The Best Beds for Your Cat – The Basics 

You should buy a bed that is made from natural materials and fabrics. This includes cotton, feathers, or wool. These fabrics are going to be comfortable and keep your cat from having an allergic reaction. 

The bed you buy should be washable. Obviously, the bed will eventually be covered with fur and bacteria. That is why a cat bed should be washed every so often. It would also be smart to have a bed that has a removable cover if the whole thing cannot be washed. However, some cat beds can be thrown in the washing machine. 

Beds that have beads or tassels should be avoided. They make the bed look pretty but it can be a hazard to your cat. Lose fabric or beads can be swallowed and be a choking hazard. A bed that has no parts that can be removed is best for your cat. 

Style and Size 

You should measure the length of your cat. You are going to want a bed that fits them stretched out. Tape measures work great for this. Measure from the head to the tail and add a few inches for the fact that they might want to stretch themselves out. 

Many cats prefer a cup-style bed. This bed is circular and has walls for better comfort and privacy. These are great beds for cats that like to sleep in a ball/croissant shape. 

A cave-style bed is for those cats that like to hide when they sleep. These bed will provide cover and be almost like a den. 

You need to consider how high the bed is. Kittens and older cats are not able to move as easily as a young cat. Be sure that the bed you are purchasing can be easily entered and exited with little problems. 

Additional Features 

Cat trees with an additional perch are also always a great idea. Scratching posts are great as well to help protect your furniture from your cats’ natural instinct to use their claws. Perches and scratching posts also give your cat exercise and fun. Cat trees are best for cats that are young and active. Be sure to consider the weight of your cat when purchasing a cat tree. 

You can also purchase cat beds or pads that are heated. These units can be removed during the warm months and put back out during the chilly months. If you live where it is cold or if your cat has issues with arthritis, it may be a great option for you.

You should not spend a whole lot on a simple cat bed. However, keep in mind that with each additional feature, you are adding more to the price tag. You need to consider what style you want and how much you want to spend before you go out shopping. Petclever has some great options for beds and so do we in our blog shop.

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