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Keeping it real …

AUGUST 19, 2018

You know how it is – you buy something cute and probably pricey, for a particular occasion or some special event that will surely take place …. and then it hangs in your wardrobe and never sees the light of day, making you feel guilty for purchasing a garment that you rarely wear, if ever!

I will not engage with this.

In this post I am going to show you how I wear such dresses/outfits in an everyday context and yet still feel comfortable and relevant.

This beautiful sparkly dress is by Joseph Ribkoff. I love that it sports the current trends of the cold shoulder, the navy colour and the sparkly fabric:

I made this suitable for day wear by wearing a patterned silk scarf around the neck and by wearing navy tights and navy sparkly booties…

Now, I have worn this dress with other booties:

These booties and leather jacket change the entire look of the outfit and make the dress far more accessible and wearable. Of course, this dress can be worn in a traditional manner with nude or navy sky-high heels.

I do like extending my style though and feel confident wearing things that are a bit edgy and different, and I have to say both of these booties are so comfortable and easy to wear throughout an entire day.

I wore this outfit out to lunch and to do a bit of shopping for homewares and there were very few side eyes and even a few positive comments, so I take that as a win!

This recent-trend fringe skirt is a Joseph Ribkoff design and most certainly could be worn in an evening setting as I’ve worn it here, with a silk cowl neck top and zip front jacket, tights and embroidered booties, or I could have worn it with bare legs and nude heels or black and white heels or any number of formal applications …

I wanted the skirt to be more accessible and wearable in less formal applications so:

It was paired with a t-shirt and casual booties or low-heeled patent leather shoes and patterned tights, which is difficult to see in these pictures:

This navy faux wrap jersey dress looks gorgeous for a wedding or such event:

But once again wearing tights, booties and a cropped jacket makes the dress far more accessible and usable.

It is currently winter in Australia which is why most of the options I’ve suggested include tights and booties. In a warmer context, it would be fine to just wear bare legs, booties or sandals.

I hope you’ve been given food for thought about wearing your “good” or “best” outfits on a more regular basis rather than just for special occasions that may or may not come.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my life experiences it’s that I’m going to enjoy what I have worked so hard for, including not waiting for the right time to wear those beautiful clothes.

I will wear them whenever I can!!

Let me know in the comments what you think about wearing “good clothes” on a regular basis, or leave a like or even follow me to discuss things of a similar or even different nature!



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