Happy and Healthy on Holiday…a Katzenworld reblog

How to Ensure Your Cat is Happy & Relaxed While you are on Holiday


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Hi everyone,

With the holiday season of the year in full swing many of us cat guardians face the dilemma of what to do with your beloved feline companion!

In an ideal world we’d of course love for them to come with us but for most cats that is simply not an option, especially not if you travel abroad rather than stay locally.

So what to do while we are away and enjoying ourselves?

Well the first thing you’ll have to think of is weither you are better of finding a cat / homesitter or if you are planning to leave your cat in a cattery! A lot in this decision will depend of course on how many cats you are looking after and how they are with different types of situations.

The more cats we are looking after the more likely it is that you will benefit from a cat or homesitter and in fact someone staying in your house the whole time can help reduce stress and feeling lonely for your cats, of course depending on how much human company they seek.

While a cattery does give the peace of mind of having a professional look after you it’s important to do your research and pick a cattery you can trust. The more spacious the cat rooms are the more your cat will feel at home.

Whichever option you go for it’s important to start prepping for your holiday early as the unexpected change can potentially create a stressful environment for your cat.

  1. For cattery stats prepare a set of your cats favourite toys, a blanket and anything else with their regular smell on it to reduce the impact of the change.
  2. For a cat or homesitter, ensure that they come around and meet your feline friends. If possible even a few times so that they can get used to them! The more positive interactions they have with your little ones the more likely your cats will already recognise them as a friend
  3. For either option ensure you have plenty of their usual food available as you’d ideally want to make as little changes as possible to their routine.
  4. Double check that your cats vaccinations are up to date, their insurance has been renewed and that you provide your caretaker with your vets details and insurance policy in case of an unexpected emergency.
  5. For many cats even small changes in the routine, can be upsetting and if your cat is especially bonded to you – not seeing you for even a day could be amongst the lines of the end of the world for your feline friend! To help them get over this and be their own furry and happy self while you are gone we’d recommend using natural calming remedies such as Zylkene well in advance of your trip. Products such as Zylkene will help calm your cats nerves and reduce the possibility of them getting stressed by the change in routine.

And most importantly… don’t forget that half your suitcase has to be empty in order to bring plenty of toys and treats back to say sorry to them once you are back. 


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