8 Warning Signs You are Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted

THIS ARTICLE IS RIGHT ON THE MONEY—AS i can vouch for, from personal experience!

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We all have rough days where we are tired, irritable, or anxious.  Maybe we didn’t sleep well the night before or we have a big test coming up or deadline at work.  Maybe the kids are acting up and your husband forgot your birthday.

Things happen that make us feel bad for a little while, but when these negative emotions last for more than a few weeks or more, you may want to consider talking to your doctor or a professional counselor about it.

Here are eight warning signs you may be mentally and emotionally exhausted:

  1.  You are easily irritated.  Everything gets on your nerves and just kind of bugs the heck out of you.
  2.  You have no motivation to do anything even the things you usually love doing.
  3.  You are having anxiety or panic attacks, which include racing heart, rapid breathing, feeling like you’re going to pass out or…

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