Off my trolley – redux – interurban branchlines – 1



This post has always been popular, too….

A good, if rather conventional, place to start with interurban layouts, is the conventional branch line.  Some electric railroads were no more than a branch line in total.  Others, like the Pacific Electric, had twigs off the branches off the trunk.  An interurban branchline has all the merits of a conventional one – small space, little stock needed, and what one builds can be built to a good standard.

I think it’s going to take several posts to explore just a few of the options!

Let’s start with a true branch line layout.  6 foot long in HO and short trains of two or three cars, and the occasional preserved interurban.  This is Andy Gautrey’s Wiley City on the Yakima Valley.  This little layout has a simple track plan, and some well observed modelling.


You can read all about this lovely little layout…

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