Life on Venus



The Earth’s twin planet, barely smaller than ours in diameter and mass, could indeed be a much better candidate for life than its incandescent surface temperature would assume, which,

with over 450 ° C, far exceeds the melting point of lead (327.5 ° C).
The study raises on the basis of new and more precise data an idea that had already been proposed by Harold Morowitz and Carl Sagan in 1967 in an article published in Nature, “Life in the clouds of Venus?”

In the research scientists have turned all types of rocks on each planet, looked at every single image that has arrived, even the powerful SETI program has never yielded results, yet they all agree: We cannot be alone in the universe.

In an article published online March 30, 2018 in the journal Astrobiology, an international team of researchers, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for Engineering and…

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