George Soros Is Thrilled By The Civil War In Washington, Confidentially Predicts That 2020 Will Bring A Return To Globalism With Elizabeth Warren As The Democratic Nominee — Now The End Begins


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George Soros is a billionaire philanthropist, a former currency trader, a liberal champion and — in certain circles — a boogeyman. That last label seems to be a badge of honor.

When you read this article today championing end times evildoer George Soros, just remember a few things about its source, the recently-deceased ‘Gray Lady’ of the fake news New York Times. George Soros has recently invested millions into the NYT, and right after he did that, the news rag began publishing some very complimentary stories about him. In fact, one might call it a veritable whitewashing of this very dirty individual.

No more mentioning his Nazi past, no more mentioning how Soros betrayed his fellow Jews in WWII and helped the Nazis steal their money and possessions. That stuff is so yesterday. Now he has been recast as a ‘philanthropist’ who just goes around doing good. But you and I…

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