Washing your brain with soap and detergent😂😂 is it possible???


Innumerable Thoughts

Yes, yes why not, in today’s world anything and everything is possible. Ok so before we proceed let me tell you all that please don’t take the literal meaning of washing brain with soap and detergent, I was just trying to add on some humour to it😂😂. I know you all know that it is practically not possible, but still😂😂

Anyways coming back to the title it actually meant about those people who are extremely smart at brainwash. You all must have heard about the term Brainwash, yes you surely must have. Maybe many might have already been trapped or must have atleast come across such people, who are master at brainwashing😂

Now lets try to understand the basic task or aim of these Dhobies (in hindi) as in the washermen, again please don’t take its literal meaning😂😂

What does brainwash actually mean???

Brainwash actually means flushing away all…

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