Growing Super Soup



Generations of kids grew up hearing about the super-power of spinach. Of course! They were told by the most reliable authority:

A can of spinach – and Popeye The Sailor Man was ready to defeat all the wrongdoers of the world! Without a doubt, spinach has powerful properties, essential for our health, but so do all the other green leafy vegetables, chief among them kale, the new post-Popeye super food. In case you think of it as just another trend, take at look at Ancient Greece, the birthplace of Olympic Games, proud of its athletes and warriors.

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They ate frugally, and their diet consisted mainly of grains (barley and spelt being the most popular), fruit and vegetables, supplemented by cheeses and fresh fish. With the exception of athletes in training, who in later years were directed to eat meat, Ancient Greeks stressed the austerity of their diet (Hesiod, Works and…

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