The Many Chic Ways to Staying Safe


'BeliJose's Fashion Hauz'

IMG_20200429_213050_324Thanks to @thewraplife, we have this awesome DIY video on how to make a mask out of your head scarf or turban.

Time for a story? Yes, we have got time.
So in an uploaded picture on Instagram, Shanee (@theungratefulfan) wore a burnt orange ribbed scarf tied as a facemask.


@thewraplife kindly asked for a tutorial on how to get ‘the look’ promising to feature it. And Shanee obliged and made the tutorial but with a different scarf ☺️.
And here we are, trying it out in our bedrooms and remembering to share it with you on Belijose’s Fashion Hauz.

Here’s how to tie your scarf into a chic and stylish facemask with a scarf and a headband 👌

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