I Won’t Diminish Myself


karen draper ~ writer

Have you ever shrunk yourself to almost invisible? Imagine being disabled, or gay, or black, or brown, or any other unseen group along with all the other life things.

Today is the last day of Gay Pride Month. So much of what I’ve learned in life is linked to disability and gay rights. They were melded together in the form of our son, Preston and his teacher Miss Steph. Both broken and whole – lamp lights unto the other, they saw the truth in each other’s hearts the first day they met. It makes perfect sense, sharing our vulnerability is literally sharing our truth. They trusted each other to hold their truth the same way you hold a precious newborn baby. They swathed each other in truth telling. A human form of love. One did so purposefully, the other unknowingly by being his unapologetic self.

I don’t believe in coincidence…

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