Who’s The Bravest?|چه کسی شجاع تر است؟


A Voice from Iran

First Published: March.15.2018

An elementary school teacher ended the day with a homework assignment which was an essay with the subject of “who’s the bravest?”


He asked all of the students to have their essays ready to present to the entire class the following day. The teacher emphasized that there would be a grand prize for the best essay.


The next day, all of the students were excited and hoped to win the prize. The teacher was thrilled to hear what their pure minds brought on paper.

The first essay was about how brave a diver is to go deep into the dark scary ocean even though they might get attacked by sharks.


The next one wrote about the brave rock climbers who defeat all the danger to get to the peak.


Another one felt like the bravest are the campers who stay in forests alone with all the wild…

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