Faith Shaming?


See, there's this thing called biology...

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I pick up on this a lot, on FB, Twitter, and in the blogging world. Wounding caused in Christianity by what we shall call, “faith shaming.”

I’m just going to rebuke all that today, pour some salt over those wounds. No wait, that would probably sting. Of course, it would probably also kill all the germs and prevent an infection?  Hmmm.  Just kidding.  Metaphorical salt, y’all.

I reject and rebuke all of that poison, I  allow for it to all just wash away and circle the drain. I’m so sorry if anyone has picked up those poison darts and they stuck to you.

So I’m going to assume that faith shaming comes from being told you aren’t good enough, you haven’t got enough, you just need to pray harder or try harder or give more. (I love that “pray harder.” Like what, yell, scream, break a sweat? God needs…

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