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English Collocations in Use by Cambridge is a good course that helps you speak and write English in a more accurate and natural way. Learning collocations will also help you broaden your range of English vocabulary, especially when you are taking written exams in English and want to make good impressions on your examiners. In advanced level exams such as IETLS or TOEFL and so on, when you aim for higher score or band score, using collocations properly could be awarded.

English Collocations in Use is designed with 60 two-page units. The left-hand page shows the collocations that are focused on in the unit itself. Alongside the unit, you will find special notes that highlight the meaning and usage of the collocations. The right-hand page helps you check if you have understood the information presented on the left-hand page by giving you an efficient number of exercises to…

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