The Currency of Life


The Happiness Nerd

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Hello my dear happiness nerds, welcome back!

Those who have known me for a long time likely will be surprised about what they are going to read in this post. They know me as a rational person, a scientist and philosopher, somebody who tends to think too much. Thomas, The Happiness Nerd, would surely argue that either thought, creativity, or attention is the currency of life. Nope, sorry. I think feelings are. Let me tell you why.

Everything we want is feel a certain way

Take any goal. If you ask long enough why you have that goal you will arrive at a desired feeling. I guarantee it.

  • You want to get with that crush of yours? This one’s easy and obvious: You probably want to love and feel loved, intimate, connected, valuable, secure, and so on.
  • You want that awesome job or…

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