Henlo again 😁

i think yours is the first anime related blog I’ve found interesting. Started my blog for very similar reasons, aye-yah!

Wore her sweater

Hi there, what’s going on, everybody 👋🏽 welcome to my new home on the internet! My name is nesha, you should refer me as an idiot, and I will be your host in my … own personal blog here. LOL. Been a while since the last time I logged into my WordPress account. But no, I didn’t forget my WordPress password. But been a minute now I have been wanting to say hello, and today I finally have enough courage to do so, write again.

So, if you’re joining me over from #moe404 🙏🏽 I really appreciate all the support over the past literally a couple of years. Since the first time I created it back in 2018, that blog has been my main platform to write about anime before then I was gone hiatus. I checked it just now, my last writing there was posted on Jan’ 30th this…

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