Stop Comparing!!


No Half Measures

A little while ago, during the month of Pinktober, Rethink Breast Cancer shared this meme on Instagram.

The mission of Rethink breast cancer is embedded in their name, for people to rethink what breast cancer is and, if I’m allowed to extrapolate a little, to think beyond the pink fluffy stuff touted by the pink machine. They meet that mission in a variety of ways, including sharing factual information like this meme.

There are a lot of memes like this that many of us living with metastatic breast cancer share regularly. I do understand that some of them are shocking. Some of them are designed to be shocking. The shock factor should never be underestimated in terms of making a difference; it often jars people out of complacency.


For purposes of this blog post and my urging for people to stop comparing, the meme is not the story, the…

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