Openly Trump called “the Boss”,

Jesus who died on the Cross….

Change hearts He can,

The Son of Man,

Came back to life at death’s loss!

Politicians–who knows–

where their heart really goes……

Trump openly

Refers to “J.C.”

As the ONE from whom all blessing flows!

The OTHER SIDE—what have they said—-?

By inference, Christianity should be dead……!

From Biden’s Catholic faith

His politics are safe,

Do Catholics really like being Red?

His colleagues shut churches down,

Why wasn’t he around…..?

To speak up for GOD,

Isn’t that odd?

Biden and Harris barely made any sound!

Is the poet overreacting,

biased to not be exacting….

I hope it’s not true

I leave it to you,

Is he over reacting?

Jonathan Caswell


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About Jonathan Caswell

Poet, author, servant of God the Heavenly father and the Lord Jesus Christ...working out his salvation with fear and trembling. - Not trusting in his own deeds, but depending totally upon the finished sacrificial work of Jesus Christ to be, by God's reckoning, a new creature, clothed in Christ's righteousness...which mortal humankind can never attain by their own weak efforts, apart from faith in Christ's work on our behalf. - College-educated, yet wise enough to see that what a man does will not be his ultimate identity nor affect how God sees him or her. - Called by God to do a very difficult thing...apart from God's grace, mercy and love the sinner (which we all--by nature--are) but hate the sin, which is only paid through Christ, God's Son, - My own God-given gift is that of being a Poet..showing that in all parts of life...God has a loving part in hard as that is to always understand or perceive...given life's realities! Come join me on my journey of discovery?.

2 thoughts on “TRUMP KNOWS WHO IS BOSS

  1. Marty

    Does confessing “JC” make Trump a Christian? Does being Catholic not make Biden a Christian? Doesn’t the Scripture speak of a persons faith is known by their actions? Trump: paid off a pornstar before the election not to disclose their affair, insults others constantly, lies constantly. Just because he supports religious freedoms does that ma!e him a Christian? And I’ve not read that Biden does not support religious freedom. Do you only get your information from right wing Christian sources with an agenda? How objective is that?

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    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      my objective was to see who would respond….and why…you took the bait. I’ve known many Catholics that walked the walk of Christ. but ,as you say, the company someone keeps indicates their beliefs. Mr. Biden obviously believes in separation of church and state—and state is more important to him than the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ through his minimal concern for churches shut down and denied worship and even gathering in small groups, as democratic majors and governors have indeed done—while making no such distinction about big box stores and bars. YES–I make a value judgement ere! I never said Trump was a saint–sometimes he shoots himself in the foot! Yet, by comparison, he has done more as President than any President has for decades AND actually made fulfilling many campaign promises a priority. I am not happy at all about his morality lapses…but he has done more for America than all the political political hacks have for years. By the way….you obviously only listen to liberal/progressive secretly oppressive news sources—who are overwhelmingly against Trump anyway. I do—consult more than just the one-sided sources—did Biden and Harris condemn the violent riots and church persecution in California and elsewhere? No–hardly at all until they were largely pressured to do so! Your argument at least seems to try looking at “both sides”, even if it is totally negative about Trump.. Thank you for expressing your opinion—even if you are blind to Trump’s positive accomplishments! Morality is important…but so are actual results…and what is left unsaid in the light of church persecution and ignoring riots—calling them all “peaceful”. Who has the agenda now? Or do you not believe in the Christian concept of forgiveness…which iis NOT BASED on ploitics, praise the LORD?



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