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Seeing fewer masks being worn.



Now that businesses don’t have to state that masks must be worn, I am seeing less masks, which is so worrisome.

My fears are that our numbers will spike, and that it could make more restrictions for the people, like hubby and I, that are doing everything right.

I asked a person politely is they could move so I could social distance, and she looked at me in disgust. Then another in a gym, took up the whole walkway, and again when I asked her to move over, she said that there was plenty of room. I stated not to socially distance.

I am getting concerned now, and I hadn’t been until this last week. If you are reading this, please do your part, as I don’t want to be like other countries that have a full blown pandemic again.

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The Dog Knew Better|سگ بهتر می دانست


A Voice from Iran

“165th story”

Once upon a time,

a famous astronomer went to a desert with his apprentice.

They went to learn more about the stars.

They looked for a great spot in which there was a Mill.

The astronomer and his apprentice were deep into the sky when the Miller came and said: “Tonight it will rain. I will allow you to sleep inside the Mill. But you have to come inside now because I want to lock the door.”

The astronomer said: “It will not rain tonight. The sky is clear.”

The Miller said: “I have a hearing problem; if it rains in the middle of the night and you knock on the door, I won’t hear you. So you better come inside now.”

The apprentice got a little offensive and said: “A scientist here is saying there will be no rain tonight.”

The Miller went inside, locked the door…

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Soni's thoughts

Sometimes i just ponder, am i allowed to choose for myself?
Sometimes i feel confused, what if i object??

I am an adult, i have my own life…
I can choose between wrong and right!

Still why there is boundry, why there is limit…
why freedom to choose is not left!!

What is my mistake, that i am a girl?
Choosing my peace is why so far??

Why i am bound to be in boundaries?
Why society cannot let me be??

Why i am not allowed to breath freely?
why my own choice is others misery?

Dont i deserve to smile?
dont i deserve to live as per my wish?

Am i bound to obey ?
Am i not allowed to deny?

Why its so difficult to have own breathing space?
Why society, rules, traditions always dominates?

is this what i am destined for?
whereas my thoughts are unfettered!!


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Miss dimple.com

Everyone has their own style. They do keep maintaining it. This adaptation give a path to unique identity.

Yesterday,while I was coming home. I come across such one of the unique identity. I was walking on the lane, which is both side covered with huge buildings..or u can say multistorey buildings. Everyone has its own beauty. But then, my eyes stuck to a little wooden house. In the midst of those new, modern styles, it is the one standing with its old ethics. The model of the house is old. How we use to have houses in our childhood, it reminds me of that. It seems,that they didn’t change the structure and didn’t remodify it..

The owner of the house,decorated it according to his own taste. Which is very impressive. Wooden gates covered with tiny bulbs. The window panes decorated with money plant. The guava tree. Everything is decirate with…

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Is Halloween Evil?


Mitch Teemley

It’s tempting to answer, “Sure, this year everything is!” But taking a post-pandemic view, the question is posed every year by a lot of well-meaning people…


“Is Halloween evil?” Short answer: No, we are. Evil lives in people, not in things (Romans 3:23). People are, to use the classical term, sinful. But it’s easier (and less convicting) to focus on things. Many point to the pagan traditions behind Christmas and Easter, or that unholiest of holidays, Halloween!

As a zealous new believer back in the 80s (typical of a converted atheist), I once stood on a coffee table, tears streaming from my eyes, and rebuked a youth group for participating in a popular church-sponsored haunted house! I’ve mellowed since then—and read my Bible. The apostle Paul tells us that things are just things (I Corinthians 8:4-13), and that it’s the evil within ourselves that needs to be confronted.

A few…

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The Most Imaginative Halloween Ever


Mitch Teemley

Forget zombies and vampires. If there was ever a year we needed our imaginations, it’s this one. The people below have, and the results are amazing! I loved creating crazy Halloween decorations and costumes as a kid. But nowadays I leave that to the folks who show up at our front door. Of course, trick-or-treaters will be in short supply this year, but imagination never is. Imagination opens doors no pandemic can close. Still, dude, if you do happen to show up at our front door showing this kind of imagination, you’re gonna score a whole a lotta candy!

Click on any image to enlarge it, or to begin slide show.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” ~Pablo Picasso

“What is now proved was once only imagined.” ~William Blake

“When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.”

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