#3: Chatting abbreviations



AITR – Adult in the room

ALOL – Actually laughing out loud

APAC – All praise and credit

AYTMTB – And you’re telling me this because

BAE – Before anyone else

BAFO – Best and final offer

BAM – Below average mentality

BIB – Boss is back

BPLM – Big person, little mind

BRNC – Be right back, nature calls

CD9 – Code 9( parents are around)

CID – Crying in disgrace

CMIIW – Correct me if I’m wrong

CIP – Case in point

CWOT – Complete waste of time

DBAU – Doing business as usual

DDG – Drop dead gorgeous

EMFBI – Excuse me for butting in

EOD – End of discussion Fine

EYC – Excited yet calm

FBM – Fine by me

FC – Fingers crossed

FCOL – For crying out loud

FICCl – Frankly,I couldn’t care less

FIIOOH – Forget it, I’m out of here


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