Autism ‘awareness’ is not enough ~ Part 2: more ‘awareness’ is LESS Awareness 


the silent wave

By the time most people have reached adulthood, or even sooner these days, they’ve heard the term “autism”.  Chances are also pretty predictable that when most people hear that term, they form an instant image in their minds.

The Blank Stare.

The lack of talking.

The “missing” engagement.

The imaginary “cage”.

The self-injury.

The helmets.

The seizures.

The endless crying.

The “behavioral issues”.

I’m not saying that doesn’t happen.  I admit that my own perspective of autism carries with it a bias, a slightly slanted lens.  After all, I don’t resemble the picture painted above (other than the greater portion of my life spent staring at nothing in particular, or perhaps in silent fascination of some seemingly “mundane” detail that the non-autistic person might never think twice–or even once–about.

It’s Autism “Awareness” that, at least in part, might have been (probably was/is) responsible for the chronic lack of awareness that…

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