Am I Introverted?



There probably aren’t pure extroverts nor pure introverts. In my opinion, our personalities fall along a sliding scale between the two classifications. By my non-professional reckoning, we are ambiverts who function along a spectrum to varying degrees, according to social circumstances.

It’s tempting to self-categorize oneself as either an extrovert or as an introvert. In my view, this is an unhealthy practice. Imposing limiting beliefs about oneself stunts personal growth. On the other hand, it’s smart to understand where our personalities lie along the extrovert/introvert spectrum along with when and how this varies due to circumstances.

For example, in most instances, my personality leans strongly towards introversion. However, I selected a public career because it provided just the right amount of social stimulation I need. Even after retirement, I still crave time behind the mic. After public time, a fair amount of alone time is necessary to charge my emotional…

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