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Earthquake in Croatia – Petrinja – Photo: Cropix

After the 5.5 magnitude earthquake that hit Zagreb in late March 2020 dozens of smaller earthquakes have been persistently hitting Zagreb and its surrounds, devastating the city of Zagreb, a new vicious wave of earthquakes are currently in their severity breaking 140-year records.

At least six people have died and dozens are injured following a strong magnitude earthquake of 6.4 points on Richter Scale that hit central Croatia Tuesday 29 December 2020; this came after 5.4 magnitude earthquake hit on Monday 28 December 2020 in the morning, causing major damage to homes and other buildings in towns of Petrinja and Sisak southeast of the capital Zagreb, where earthquake tremours these past days have caused further damage to the city not fully recovered from March 2020 devastation.

Earthquake in Croatia – Petrinja and Sisak towns devastated Photo Cropix

A young girl is among the dead and at least 26 people have been injured, six seriously. The European Mediterranean Seismological Centre said a magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit 46km southeast of Zagreb on Tuesday 29 December (about 11.30pm AEDT). Emergency Services are still going through the rubble and destruction in search for victims and survivors. The earthquake was felt throughout the country and in neighbouring Serbia, Bosnia and Slovenia. It was felt as far away as Graz in southern Austria, the Austria Press Agency reported.

Croatia 28/29 December 2020 Earthquake devastation Photos Cropix and Pixsell

The same area was struck by a 5.2 quake on Monday and several smaller aftershocks were felt Tuesday.

“This is like Hiroshima — half of the city no longer exists,” said yesterday Darinko Dumbovic, the Mayor of Petrinja. “The city has been demolished, the city is no longer liveable,” he said. “We need help.”

Earthquake in Petrinja Croatia Photo: Hina

While there are several Appeals for Earthquake relief in Croatia as a matter of personal tradition I chose to donate funds through Croatian Red Cross and Croatian Caritas (Hrvatski Caritas).

I ask you to please help and donate to the Earthquake Appeal in Croatia using your preferred charitable/humanitarian appeal and if you wish to choose the Red Cross below are the datils of how to make a donation:

Croatian Red Cross

Hrvatski crvani kriz (Croatian Red Cross)

Address: Ulica Crvenog kriza 14, 10 001 Zagreb, Croatia

You can donate cash for the people affected by the earthquake in Petrinja and Sisak via following account:
Bank: Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.
IBAN: HR6923400091511555516
Ref./Call number: 770
For payments from abroad – SWIFT CODE: PBZGHR2X

You can also donate via mobile banking application and barcode:

Legal persons can contact Croatian Red Cross via email: donacije@hck.hr

Croatian Red Cross Donation webpage:https://www.hck.hr/novosti/upute-za-donacije-i-pomoc-pogodjenima-potresom/10649

Croatian Caritas

Should you wish to choose Croatian Caritas to donate for earthquake relief Appeal please visit their webpage on link below and click the Donate button (“Donirajte ovdje) on the right side of webpage: https://www.caritas.hr/2020/12/29/hrvatski-caritas-pomaze-stradalima-u-potresu-u-petrinji-i-sisku/

My thoughts and prayers are with all who are affected by the earthquakes in Croatia. May God grant them protection and speedy recovery.

God bless all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity! Ina Vukic

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