ADHD, The World’s Biggest Misunderstanding

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The Livingood Life

A world full of a dis-ease, few live with ease. It is a crying shame to have a name for something with no one to blame, making people unable to tame nor sustain. Inflammation in the brain causes some to go insane, mostly teachers complain as the doctors campaign, parents say God’s name in vein, and the food web is contaminated like it’s animated, hyperactive cells activated until the child is lacerated, in prison, and castrated. We must wake up. Add up the hype, and dis becomes the order of the next generation.

I have studied ADHD and similar neurological “dis-orders” for quite a few years now. My son has been through the ringer when it comes to this diagnosis and my fiancé and myself have struggled with attention since being a kid, however I didn’t see a doctor until trying Adderall my senior year and my fiancé didn’t get…

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