SEOLH: A Selkie Story – Part 6

Oceans Of Ink


Of Seals:
In the ocean, seals swim with exceeding grace and swiftness, using all four flippers for both propulsion and steering. Some species can dive 1000 feet deep and remain submerged for over an hour. Seals have larger volumes of blood and a greater concentration of oxygen in the blood than any land animals, and they expel all oxygen from their lungs before they dive. In dives as deep as 1000 feet and as long as 100 minutes, a seal will survive on only the oxygen in its blood without need to resurface.


Image: Ophelia Drowning by Paul Steck, 1895

Part One

Part Four

I cannot say that I actually dreamed of you after our second meeting. You were no longer a feature of my nocturnal world. My sleep-slack lips did not shape your name in soft breaths or snoring mumbles. You did not come back to me…

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