Moral Rebels


No Half Measures

I wrote a blog post earlier on Different types of Courage and Moral Courage was one of the described types of courage. The definition from the meme I shared in that blogpost is: “doing the right thing, even when it’s uncomfortable or unpopular.” The author of the article “Why Some People are Willing to Challenge Bad Behavior Despite Personal Risk” defines Moral rebels as those people who“speak up in all types of situations – to tell a bully to cut it out, to confront a friend who uses a racist slur, to report a colleague who engages in corporate fraud.”

The author identifies those people who have done this in the public eye — e.g., Mitt Romney, in breaking ranks with the Republicans to vote his conscience, those women who spoke up in the #MeToo movement, and whistleblowers who call attention to misdeeds, whether in the government or corporate…

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