Gut Feeling


The Livingood Life

-By Garrett Livingood-

Gut health is huge. One of the main reasons I see people coming into hospital and one of the main reasons I see people pass away is from issues with their colon.  Whether they have cancerous ulcers or a bowel is twisted/blocked, people with gut problems are in some of the worst pain possible.  There is a concentrated amount of nerves in the gut meaning when it gets irritated, it hurts.  Many doctors do not entertain the damage the “medicine” they are prescribing to the internal organs.  Damage to the internal organs is a slow death, one I would not wish on anyone.  Other times, after treating, doctors do not advise appropriate diet change.  The unfortunate reality is that often times, the patients are educated and they refuse to listen and do as told by their doctor.  As your gut health declines, as does your energy level…

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