Moody Mondays: Normal vs. abnormal

Midnight Harmony

We’re all a little crazy. We all have faults and quirks. We all make mistakes and whatnot.

So, what’s the difference between someone who is “normal” and someone who is “abnormal?” Furthermore, what separates someone who has a mental health disorder from someone who does not? After all, normal people and us mental people do a lot of the same stupid things sometimes, right?

Very interesting questions, are they not? Normal behavior is often quite subjective. What might be crazy to one person is perfectly sane to another. If a person is doing something that we might associate with being “abnormal” but is otherwise happy as a clam would it then still be considered “abnormal?”

“It’s important to note that the distinctions between normal and abnormal are not synonymous with good or bad.” – VeryWellMind

While the particulars of what is normal and abnormal are often debatable, psychologists generally agree…

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