Coffee At Steve’s Country #67.


Steve`s Country

Good morning everyone and Happy Monday! It’s another beautiful morning here and you’re just in time to have some coffee and join Muffin and I for awhile and relax. Muffin is really looking forward to seeing you all again today (so am I) and sitting here checking her little list to see who she will sit with today. She likes to be organized so she doesn’t miss someone. Good thing one of us is organized around here. I kind of do things sort of, at random. Probably not the best way to do things, but it works. Hmm, Muffin is rolling her eyes again. Saturday night she woke me saying it’s time for breakfast. Already? I get up, feels like I just went to bed. I look at the clock. 11 pm. I just went to bed at 10 pm. No wonder I’m still tired. It’s not time for breakfast…

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