The English language and its complexity.



English is one of the prestigious languages that is spoken universally. Despite its universal status and prestige, the language is full of complexities and doesn’t make sense. Even if you have mastered the rules of language, you still fail to comprehend the application of rules. There are some rules for pronunciation, grammar and spellings in English, yet sometimes the language doesn’t follow its own rules, and thus makes it more weird and strange especially for those who are learning it as a second language.

The other day while teaching “oo” words to my 5 years old girl, I got speechless when my daughter asked me why “food “and “foot” are pronounced differently and why the vowel “u” doesn’t sound like “u” as in hut and put? Every time I have to tell her that vowels have two sounds. Short sounds and long sounds, but still she struggles in reading whenever…

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