What The Media Gets Wrong About Mood Disorders


Sara Flower Kjeldsen Writes

Sometimes a show, movie, or book will portray a mental illness flawlessly. Oftentimes, though, the media wrongly portrays this. I’m here today to bring light to common misconceived mood and personality disorders.

I’ll start with Bipolar Disorder

Let me clarify what bipolar disorder actually is: It’s a cycle of feeling manic (High energy, good mood, feeling powerful, etc.) and depressed (Low mood, low energy, etc.). Here’s the thing that most people might not realize about bipolar disorder: These cycles will last for days/weeks/months. Mood swings that happen in one day are not bipolar disorder.

Silver Linings Playbook seems to portray bipolar disorder well.

A manic phase might look something like this:

Silver Lining Playbook GIF | Gfycat

A depressive state in the same person could look like this:

silver linings playbook jennifer lawrence gif | WiffleGif

Some people even have mania and depression at the same time. It feels as horrible as it looks, I would imagine:

Silver Linings Playbook quotes | MOVIE QUOTES | Jennifer lawrence, Birthday  quotes funny for her, Silver linings playbook quotes

Bipolar disorder isn’t merely mood swings. To…

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