Don’t stress over STRESS!

good entertaining advice!

Beyond The Lines

Stress is not negative. It is for a purpose. It makes us get out of our comfort zone to achieve something”.

Stress is nothing but any type of change that causes emotional, physical or psychological strain. Stress is something that requires attention or action by your body.

“The way you respond to stress makes a big impact on your overall well being”.

When stress is created by undesired outcomes then it becomes “Distress” and when stress is created by desirable and successful effects it is called “Eustress”.

It is wholly dependent on us whether we make it distress or eustress.

Psychologically you are giving a positive connotation to one thing and negative connotations to others.

Some common signs of stress include :-

• Mood swings

• Clammy or sweaty palms

• Decreased sexual drive

• Difficulty in sleeping

• Grinding teeth

• Headaches

• Muscle tension (especially in neck…

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