Worm town sees a full moon,

Worms will be coming up soon…

For Worcester–Worm town–*

Has lived its name down,

Avoiding P.R. doom!




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Origins of the Phrase Wormtown

I received the following in email figured I would share.

Wormtown has been co-opted by city “leaders” and other assorted no-nothings as a derogatory mark against Worcester, which is far from the truth. Coined by WCUW dj L.B. Worm some twenty years ago, Wormtown was actually the flag the music…

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Mr. Caswell has been composing poetry at least since High School. He has been on WORD PRESS for ten years and contributes to two other blogs beside this one. This blog has a Christian emphasis but all bloggers are welcome. Mr. Caswell chooses to---with permission--re[post material of interest

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