Lemon rice


Hey everyonešŸ™‹

I am soo obsessed with cuisines from across the world so felt that what may seem a daily routine, normal food to me might be a delicacy to someone in another part of the world..
Hence sharing with you a very simple, humble if I may call it so, a staple everyday meal kind of a dish..Lemon Rice! !

Lemon rice straight from my kitchen!!

Give me lemon rice every single day and I can have it for agesā€¦trust me I seriously can..
Traditionally a South indian dish it has evolved along the way with additions and twistsin various states of India to suit each ones palate..
It can be had as a breakfast item made from leftover rice or as a starter dish at lunch or as an evening snack where rice is replaced by puffed rice and as a dinner item..( I am sure peopleā€¦

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