Garcinia Cambogia is Kokam!


the packaged one

Anybody from the coastal ares of Maharashtra, Goa or even Karnataka knows what Kokam is. We use kokam as a souring agent in our gravies, very similar to how tamarind or dried mango{amboshi} is used. We make sherbat/juice of this deep hued fruit. While the whole world is suddenly raving about the superfood garcinia cambogia and health freaks across India are paying big bucks importing fancy garcinia cambogia supplements that cost just way too much; not many people know this superfood, this weigh control miracle, this powerhouse of antioxidants is actually native to India. Okay let me spell it out loud for you – Garcinia Cambogia is Kokam; kokam is garcinia cambogia! You’ve probably been eating it all along! It is true – this superfood is not easily available elsewhere in India, except the western coast. Tamil Nadu being so close to Karnataka, I never really found…

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