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Carl’s Thoughts on doubt – 08 November 2021


CARL GOOCHNov 8, 2021, 9:55 AM (7 days ago)

Carl’s Thoughts on doubt – 08 November 2021

Who of us has not had doubt creeped in from time to time? We start to do something then doubt strikes saying “you can’t do that.” You will just wind up looking like a fool.”

Doubt” is not a cautionary tale. But rather, it is a deterring sentiment designed to prevent us from stepping out.  “Doubt” keeps many men standing motionless, when God is saying step out in faith. 

I wonder how many times God was telling me to testify to someone but I didn’t because I allowed doubt to quiet the Spirit? 

The Devil uses doubt trying to persuade us to quit and give up, right before we see God working. But God has given us the power to overcome. The power of faith brought to us by the Holy Spirit.

His gentle nudge is all we need sometimes, to keep moving forward. To overcome. To face the problem.  Just a gentle nudge… and as remembrance that we are not alone.  And we never are. 

Sometimes obstacles are placed in our path to test our resolve.  But we can call upon the very power of God and He sent us the faith that fuels determination and carries us through.  Life is full of obstacles, and all of which can be overcome by faith.  Trust in the Lord; Call upon His holy name, and the power of God will overcome.

“I can’t” are the devil’s favorite words.  The devil wants us to quit before we ever begin.  Doubt, fear and loneliness fuel our emotions enticing us to quit.  But we can lean on our faith. We don’t always understand, in that moment just what is going on. But God knows and He wants us to call on Him to see us through.

God gives us the power to overcome, through His Holy Spirit. As we pray, meditate and feed upon His word we grow closer to Him and see Him working more and more in our lives. And fear and doubt grow weaker and weaker.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 08 November 2021 

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