Getting Your Diet Mojo Back Permanently


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It’s now the start of the “Diet-Season” whenmillionsenthusiastically begin a diet onJanuary 2nd and. . .usually fall off that bandwagon three weeks later. Why?

Failing on a diet plan is usuallynot because we don’t know what we should do.Most realizewe: 1. eat less 2.exercise more 3.slow down and 4. drink water, etc., etc. . . .Yet we failtime andtime again, even when we believe we are doing the right thing! That’s frustrating and self-defeating.

Weight loss ismuch morethanmere willpower. There is no magic formula. Since we are each uniquely created, it’s primarily an individually mental, physiological, and spiritual challenge. It’s also a matter ofunderstanding the scientific reasons behind the”why”we can self-destruct.

My book, “Life’s Too Short to Eat Bad Cheese. . .” will make the perfect motivational New Year’s gift this year. It’s available for only $4.99 on

It’s not simply another diet book. With over 241…

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