Book Review: Mechanics of the Past



So who’s up for a book rant about alchemy, childhood trauma, steampunkery and necromancy? Oh yeah, there’s also a giant rabbit.

Refill your tea tankards and grab your cuddliest plushies, because here comes a novel centered around the question “What if instead of ‘Who wants to live forever,’ or ‘Can we change lead to gold,’ we just use alchemy to make something out of nothing and create murder and mechanical mayhem in the process?”

Book: Mechanics of the Past by K. A. Ashcomb

Series: Glorious Mishaps, No. 3

Genre: Steampunk Fantasy

Content for the Sensitive Reader: frequent PG-13 language, necromancy, kidnapping, murder, witchcraft, spirit possession, seduction, nudity, clearly implied sexual encounters, emotionally (and possibly physically) abusive family relationships, some thematic/violent scenes, incestual attraction, gambling, casual alcohol use. Discretion is strongly advised for younger audiences.

BookmarkedOne Rating: 4/10

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book via Booktasters and the…

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