Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

good to know he’s still around.

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Abraham Maslow was a psychologist in the twentieth century who pioneered the humanistic approach to psychology. He is best known for his hierarchy of needs.

Maslow believed that human wants may be structured into a hierarchy, in order to better understand what motivates people.

This hierarchy includes everything from basic needs like food and water to more complex ideals like self-fulfilment.

When a lower need is met, the following needs in the hierarchy become our centre of attention, according to Maslow. These are the five categories of needs according to Maslow:


Physiological needs – these are biological need for human survival, such as air, food, drink, shelter, clothes, warmth, sex, and sleep, to name a few.

If these requirements are not met, the human body will not function optimally.

Physiological requirements, according to Maslow, are the most important of human wants.

If a person is lacking in more than…

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