Loss of Faith in Local Identity


Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives

Written by Dyami Millarson

The reasons for the decline and loss of local languages around the globe are complex. It is extremely hard to stop an individual or community from speaking the local language that the individual’s or community’s ancestors transmitted. However, the rapid advancements of compulsory education, mass communication and improved infrastructure and transportation have doubtlessly contributed to creating a new psychological environment where speakers of local languages have experienced more discouragement to speak and transmit their local language than in all of human history prior. The incentives to give up one’s local language and identity have become ever sweeter; the entire world, even the remotest corners of the world, have become exposed to these incentives to some extent. The world has evolved significantly but human psychology has not yet adapted in formerly isolated parts of the globe that used to be home to speakers of local languages, and…

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