Whatever You Say, Dad…

CARL GOOCHFri, May 27, 2:23 PM (23 hours ago)

“Whatever you say, dad.  I will follow you.”

What a compelling sentiment… “Whatever you say, Dad.  I will follow you”

These trying times are kind of scary for everyone. The world seems to be turned upside down. And sometimes men seem to lose their identity in the family unit.  A lot of times they are absent altogether. This puts a strain on everyone in the family. Each parent has a role in the family as they work together to grow the family.

The thunder rolls in from the storms of life far more often than the summertime thunderstorms of the south.  Sometimes, we are the shelter our kids seek… let us be a strong one. 

Men, I speak to you now. You are to be the head of the family. You have a duty to be Godly men and lead your children well. Your small child may look up at you as if to say; “Whatever you say, dad.  I will follow you.”

Yes, they are watching you, everything you say and do.

So be careful what path you choose.  The Father goes before us and makes our path straight… but His efforts are for naught if we won’t follow the path He lays out for us.

Dads, your kids are following you.  Long before they can ever drive or read or even talk… they begin to follow you.  Lead them well

It is not easy to be a Godly man in this world today, there are many traps and snares along the way. It never has been and it never will be easy. The storms of life will pond relentlessly and it will be easy to be tossed about. But we are never alone, our Heavenly Father is always with us. He is our safe harbor, our fortress from life’s storms. He is our source and strength to overcome. 

And we men should also turn to our Heavenly Father and say; “Whatever you say, dad.  I will follow you.”

Carl A. Gooch ~ 27 May 2022

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