What If-?

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What If?

What if a child is taught there is no purpose to life?

What if a child is taught there is no value to life?

What if a child is taught he is one step from an animal?

What if a child is taught it’s acceptable to act like one?

What will the child think, what conclusion would he draw?

What would be the reason to follow rules or obey the law?

You think it can never happen. You hope it never will.

Take a good look around; doesn’t it give you a chill?

What would the world be like if it was taught a lie?

When theories are taught as facts, how do we die?

The poison smells sweet, it tastes like honey, but beware.

A lie created, used to cover another will get you nowhere. 

If a child is taught no purpose, then no hope will he have.

If a child is taught he has no value, then none will he have.

If a child is taught he is an animal, then he will act as one.

No laws will he follow, except those of the murderous gun.

Warriors, slow to anger as they choose their battles well.

Prepare; go to the source, be ready for the forces of hell.

Arm yourself with the knowledge of that which is true.

The one standing between the child and the devil is: YOU!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 2008 (His Gift to Me)

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