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Stuffed Avocado


When you hearstuffed shirt, you get a mental image of a retrograde, an inflexible old-fashioned conservative, maybe an arrogant poseur with no substance. The latter is probably the closest to the truth, as the idiom was actually born as a literal description of a scarecrow, dressed in real person’s clothes and stuffed with whatever was on hand to create the shape: hay, paper, rags… In other words, no substance. It has done its job, however, scaring away not only crows, but also other potential enemies of the crops.


Scarecrows have existed for millennia but they had not always worn shirts, stuffed or otherwise. In Ancient Egypt, the fields were devastated not by crows but by quail. Inventive farmers would install wooden construction wrapped in nets. Stupid quail would get themselves tangled up in those nets and end up as a farmer’s dinner. Talking about killing two birds with…

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3 Practical Ways to Put Your Faith in Action


From The Darkness Into The Light

Because faith without works is dead. (James 2:17)

By Meerabelle Dey

Christianity is at its heart a very practical religion. The teachings of Jesus, essentially, are about how we should relate to one another and to God. Jesus’ teachings effectively are a manual for how we are supposed to operate in this world.

That makes Christianity a very simple religion to understand, but a hard one to follow. We are called to love others and forgive freely. Admittedly, that isn’t easy. That is why people like to turn the Christian conversation to things that don’t matter.

“Do you go to the right church?”

“How often do you go to church?”

“Look at me! I have a bumper sticker/tattoo/necklace which advertises my Christianity. Do you?”

“Do you talk about Jesus on your Facebook page? I do!”

Unfortunately, those are all just distractions. Where you go to church, how often you attend…

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Gatulyktornas oro


Yolanda - "Det här är mitt privata krig"

Gatulyktor lyser upp det kring dem. Resten då?

I dag känns det aningen mörkt. Både i huvudet och i lägenheten. Inte för att jag inte har tänt några lampor, men det känns mörkare. Även om jag har öppnat persiennerna på en sida. Vad spelar det för roll? Det börjar skymma ute. Fast jag får inte bli för trött i huvudet, för om ca en halvtimme har jag schemalagd städning. Som varje torsdag.

Jag känner mig som sagt lite mörk i hjärnan. Kan man ens säga så? Det kan man väl. Jag skrev det nyss. Jag är livrädd för fler avslag från olika håll. Vi på Dynamo förlag väntar på ett beslut om projektmedel. Jag måste söka om sjukersättning – tänk om inte det går igenom. Det jag tror en del vet om mig, som känner mig privat, är att jag oroar mig för mycket för saker jag inte kan styra…

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A New Culture of Maladaptive Parenting: Nurturing Fear, Anxiety and Mistrust in time of Chaos.


Protect children from radicalisation - Internet Matters

There is often not one day that goes by during my work week that I’m not left thinking about some profound lesson. Today was no different, as I carried out my role as a social worker within the child welfare system. I’m sure 50% of you are either rolling their eyes with disdain towards me, and the other wondering what horror stories I have for them today. But for the most part, my days are much like today where I get immersed in learning and listening about peoples lives. Conversations can vary drastically from feeling like I’m pulling teeth, or the latter, where I get more information than I bargained for. Both often leave me at times feeling impatient as I’m not always afforded the opportunity to get down to the meat and potatoes of the presenting concerns that initiated our introduction to one another.

Today was as good as…

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Winter dessert: Carrot pudding/ Gaajar halwa


musings corner

With the start of winter, somehow I always feel nostalgic about the aroma of winter delicacies, the most striking of which is the smell of carrot pudding whafting in the air. My mother used to make this dessert along with the awesome koraishutir kochuri and aloor dom, and that made winters somewhat very special for me. Recently, I asked my mother for her recipe of carrot pudding and she shared it with me. Our conversation drifted to the winters of the late 90s and early 2000s, when it was all about hand knitted sweaters, plum cakes, chatting with neighbours on terraces, family get-togethers, and picnics to nearby places. I guess some memories are so great, they make you happy all the time.

My mother’s recipe for carrot pudding, which is better known as gaajar halwa in India, does not use ghee/ clarified butter, unlike most Indian recipes of the dessert…

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The Lightening bug

With each passing day, my mind goes fray.

I want to feel something; anything: even if it is pain.

I pierce the blade deep, ripping my skin off and bleed. There is red all around and my eyes droop but I feel nothing; numb as ever.

I don’t know what I want. I haven’t died yet but I also don’t have a date set. I don’t want to live even.

All I want is to be reduced to dust and fade in the air, to be gone and forgotten even in the memories, forever!

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