Wondering of this Poet what kind,


In the U.S.A.

Where he lives by the way,

And that suits him fine!

God calls him to express compassion,

He’s had his share of tongue lashings…

Through Yeshua (Christ)

Is offered new life,

The Poet hates people bashings!

Welcome to his baliwick,

Here’s hoping his is pleasant schtick…

He hopes to be kind

And not other mind,

A poet who writes “limerick”!

–Jonathan E. Caswell, M.S.E….Poet.


53 thoughts on “A NORTH EAST STATE OF MIND!

    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      Education…in Biology. Not my best subject…but my parents–Mother– decided that would be more practical than History, English (my better subjects by far…OR MUSEUM SCIENCE…WHICH IS WHAT I DREAMED OF,


      1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        She didn’t think it was practical. Parents controlled me (and everyone else) rather tightly. It’s a long story—essentially I was a “blue baby”and Mom in particular controlled by fiat to keep me alive.And sometimes I was a little dense…so she felt it necessary to “help me” make the right decisions. Which means I was talked out of a lot of things i really wanted…or was given them with little effort or input on my part. I was your basic spoiled brat. 🙂 sounds real good…Huh?


      2. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        I was pretty good at Biology in High school. But a whole ‘nother ballgame in college—a lot of memorization. English lit and history were stronger subjects for me. But I stuck with it.


      3. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        Can’t do it…to you! I save my harshest criticism for my own works. You write what you think is best…and I’ll support your opportunity–your rights—to do it. 🙂


      4. awmaynard802

        I’m TRYING to get a M.S. in Law, but when I go to college, i’m put in classes I know the answer to already. I’ve tried to get into a higher-level class, but they won’t let me.

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      5. awmaynard802

        I’m definitely not a quitter. I try to make it through whatever happens. In “college”, they’re teaching us stuff we forgot. That’s good for most of us, but their teaching us stuff we already know. It’s not 1+1=2, but it’s almost as simple.

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      6. awmaynard802

        I TRY not think of them uneducated, it’s hard to do, though.I know some kids that are like that, n’ they think they’re always better than them, no matter what the circumstance.

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      7. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        Even when I was is school—some high schools sent their kids out less-prepared than others. I had to take essay tests in class since tenth grade. a significant portion of my (slightly) upper level literature class claimed the NEVER had any short essay tests in class at all! Nothing personal—just how they lacked in preparation…. of how their high schools had failed to prepare them! Upper level English!


      8. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        Like I did, you control yourself the best you can. It is though, less your effort or mine, but more how we were guided and given the opportunity and better experience. Too bad some kids get a crappy education!


      9. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        Is that what it takes to do what you’re aiming for? To go from High School, my B.S. and then on to the M.S.E. took an accumulated 6 + years. But that was what was required.


      10. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        In 6 years…? If you are just taking courses without a focus on one or two degrees, fulfilling the course requirements for them—then YEAH…6 years without a degree! If you don’t specifically aim for one, then taking the right requirements is harder to do. What can I say? You never said you were never any PARTICULAR degree…just taking courses. Is there a college degree you are working toward? Friend?


      11. awmaynard802

        I HAVE a particular job in mind, no-one, not even my PARENTS, think i’m smart enough. I HAVE had 3 yrs experience in the job before, so I don’t understand the hold-ups.


      12. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        WHOA! Tough subject for most of us! Would it help to lower your sights a little…like becoming a law clerk? Then you could work at that until the next step comes.


      13. awmaynard802

        Law clerk? I seriously thought about it, then I thought I wanted to be IN the action, n’ I’ve had that thought since my dad worked as an insurance person who was mainly in the court, n’ I learned a lot from him

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      14. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        Taking college courses with less than a full class load does take time. In a degree program there are certain requirements that must be met—you know this, I’m sure! Have you met the requirements of any particular degree program…or are signed up for one? I can write phrases (as an example) till the cows come home. But until I follow the specific requirements arranging those phrases into a poem or essay, for a specific article or book, my “degree”, if you will, won’t be achieved. 🙂


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