About Jonathan Caswell, The Poet:

Jonathan Caswell, formerly and still occasionally featured on Ron DuBour’s OUR POETRY CORNER, was born October 4th, 1957, at the start of the Space Age….and yes—he’s written a poem about it! Like many in his generation he’s been either the first or last in many things.  By The Mighty Mumford (a WordPress blog) is his first…or almost first…endeavor solo, in anything.   It was time!

Carl Gooch is a published poet who frequently shares his work inspired by the Bible books of Psalms and Proverbs here on BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD.  He can be reached either on Facebook, or by <gooch_man_2000@yahoo.com.


302 thoughts on “About Jonathan Caswell, The Poet:

      1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        Yeah–we’re both diabetic—cat scratches increase our chances of getting infections (that’s happening even without the cats!). Still, we wonder…?


  1. charlypriest

    I’m sorry what are you a guy or a woman and if you are a woman like I saw in the picture the better,or not, actually who gives a fuck, niice post in the posting you see i m r’ m rhymed up,
    so you gottta stop, im gangsta……… do you think, got bored of writing

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