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Mr. Caswell has been composing poetry at least since High School. He has been on WORD PRESS for ten years and contributes to two other blogs beside this one. This blog has a Christian emphasis but all bloggers are welcome. Mr. Caswell chooses to---with permission--re[post material of interest

Still not home

How to Train your Humans

I’ve been digging around looking everywhere- but he’s still not home.

January 1st Chemo

The days have seemed to all blend into one very long day. At the other hospital where the cancer was found and diagnosed, visitors were allowed, so our Can Opener was gone for hours every day staying at the hospital with the Back-up Can Opener.

But a new blood clot (and the same old misery with pain and struggling to breathe), sent him back to ER the day after Christmas. This hospital doesn’t allow visitors – So from the time he was admitted the day after Christmas until the 1st- our Can Opener wasn’t allowed to visit him.

Bleeding and two more transfusions later, the blood clot couldn’t be taken care of yet. Blood thinners aren’t a good idea when bleeding continues elsewhere. And surgery in this case, wasn’t an option.

After several failed attempts to…

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Signalement Arnaque + My Very Latest News !


Blog Femme & Infos

Partager mes toutes dernières nouvelles (my very latest news en anglais) est devenu un billet courant sur mon blog en parlant cette fois-ci de mode, beauté, bien-être, famille, blog, profession et, pas que, vous signalant une arnaque.

Pour commencer, je vous souhaite une belle et heureuse année 2022 avec tous mes meilleurs vœux. Je reviens vers vous via cette nouvelle édition de ma rubrique «My very latest news» (la dernière édition du post mes toutes dernières nouvelles date déjà du 1er juillet 2021 et je suis arrivée à la 5e édition aujourd’hui) pour vous partager mes dernières actualités de mode, beauté, bien-être, famille, blog, profession et surtout vous signaler une arnaque dont je suis victime il n’y a pas longtemps de cela. En fait, le but de ce genre d’article est de parler de plusieurs sujets en une seule fois quand le temps…

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Feeling black and blue.


Site Title

We often come across this line when someone’s been hit really bad on the outside. But what about on the inside? What do we use?

I’m currently feeling black and blue on the inside. A different type of hurt that is probably equivalent to the physical pain.

Heartbroken, hurt etc are the words we often use when something’s wrong on the inside. But is it always the matter of the heart? I don’t think so.

This time around the feeling of black and blue is because it’s my heart is bruised. Bruised so bad that it probably needs a doctor if it were for a physical injury.

Where do I go? What do I do? Who do I “consult?’’

I think when our feelings and our heart turn black and blue it does take a reasonable time to overcome that wound.

In this situation we are our own doctors. We…

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I have a Confession


No Half Measures

I’ve been really down lately.

I think these feeling are a result of a combination of unexpected progression in October, precipitously rising tumor markers (highest since diagnosis over four (4) years ago), a new diagnosis for one of my boys, very low hemoglobin (I’m just about in the territory where infusions are routinely given), pretty intense diarrhea and actual accidents (going out in public wasn’t possible for a bit), SCARY rising COVID cases, continued disregard from people around me as to the risk of COVID to people like me, the upcoming PET/CT next week, and ongoing hurt from people in my life who don’t belong in my life, ongoing hurt from people who consider me a waste of their time, plus probably other things I’m not thinking about and things I’m not ready or able to talk about yet.

This remembering thing is HARD.

And also people around me dying…

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Welcoming 2022 with Change — Atomic Redhead

Alright, so here we are! Twenty-Twenty-Two! As I had hoped, 2021 was ever so slightly better than 2020. The biggest thing for us that came out of 2021 of course was the ability to get vaccinated, which meant that we got to return to do some of the things I love…museums, Disneyland, and visiting other…

Welcoming 2022 with Change — Atomic Redhead

Black and Blue: Styling with and without colour!🧐🙏🥰 — Donna Does Dresses

I LOVE colour but sometimes black is hard to beat!! Bright Blue – with a touch of red – On A Winter’s Day!! On the one hand we’re pretty lucky here in this part of the south east coast of Australia because even in winter the weather is fairly pleasant with mostly sunny days and…

Black and Blue: Styling with and without colour!🧐🙏🥰 — Donna Does Dresses



House of Heart

I was not meant to

toil the thickness of prose

or suffer the madness

of time frames.

Wisteria climbing a wall

in good time is pleasing,

a bit of purple a slice of stem.

Poolingdroplets of rain

in folded leavesof

broad faced hollyhock

tracking the sun or

dormant buds sleeping

beneath winters

hard earth awaiting


is appealing.

In time passersby

may findbeauty in me,

a reflection of nature.

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