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Weather harmonics at work,

Temperature jumps and falls…

Extra coffee we perk

Most of us catch colds!

Up and down temperatures fly,

In the old days folks would die…

Hearty ones

Survived and made homes,

From New England stock came I.

Vaccines can help some,

Colds keep us at bay…

Bugs in the air have fun

Giving more germs away!

In a modern sense,

We still need germ war defense…

Weather off whack

Bugs will attack,

Increasing sick patients!

–Jonathan Caswell



Children have it done for them,

wonder is easy to find…

Adults do as is needed

It’s more a state of mind.

Many lose that child-like faith

Imagination’s key…

Some want it back again

From living mediocrity!

Brother Lawrence, doing dishes,

Practiced the Presence of God…

Lord renew our state of mind

That at Christmas we are truly awed!

–Jonathan Caswell


He tried at the dining table,

Two tables, maybe more…

He couldn’t pick up a signal

Till he moved to the second floor.

Level with the Management’s modem,

Swept his computer in case…

It wasn’t successful up here–

He’d–crestfallen–return to his place.

Having done all to connect,

He did and came on line…

Writing this–his first poem–

The Poet is feeling fine!

–Jonathan Caswell


Old wooden covered bridge

With train tracks  running through…

Most weakened and become bike paths

But trains still use a few.

Mostly in museums,

Demonstrating the old times…

Some shiny little engine

Crosses it ringing chimes!

Do we model–just a few—

Not many in the diesel era…

Railroad equipment won’t run through

Because  it is big and heavier..


Image result for railroad covered bridges


Poor kitty looks asleep,

Snoring, dead to the world…

Lost in slumber–dreaming deep–

Legs akimbo and unfurled!

Somehow cat and flower pot

Came to rest in similar place…

Someone made a lucky shot–

See the dirt on kitty’s face.

Snoring there in the warm sun

For the neighbors all to see…

Siesta taken by more than one,

In the garden comfortably!

–J. E. Caswell


So many people say, “July 4th,”

Do they know what that means…

According to informal surveys

This knowledge is poorly gleaned.

Do they pick out ahead of time

The least informed to get laugh lines….

The last I knew, American history–

In school–got very little study time!

July fourth–The 4th of July–

American Independence Day….

The Declaration of Independence came out

And revolution from British sway.

The media’s made it like all other Days,

Remembering any and all war…

But fighting the British whose colonies we were

Is what this Day is for!

It’s nice all this is remembered,

Military Days all the same…

Confusing minds as to reasons and kinds–

And nobody takes the blame.

–Jonathan Caswell


Should I leap the chasm

To positively show myself…

Tempting cataclysm

And my words-as-all-my wealth?

Would you accuse me bragging

If I mentioned stuff I’ve done…

See confidence flagging

If I can’t remember one?

Poet that I am

It’s taken lots of work…

Learning my craft

Struggling through a mind’s murk.

All the things done in the past,

One questions current goals…

Walking toward the future

One needn’t fan old coals!

–Jonathan Caswell


Faster than a speeding bullet

Seen with the eye…

Pineapple cakes upside down,

But he’s not sure  why?

Riding in his revelry

Across the fruited plain…

If a desert landing,

Cacti won’t be the same.

Loves his family

More than you can know…

Would wade a mile and a half

For them through deep snow,

–J.E. Caswell


I guess the wife didn’t mind–

We would have gone somewhere–

My work buddy in a bind,

So for him…I’m there!

Few of the office folk

Come in on a Saturday…

Parking lots near-empty

Won’t fill until Monday.

It’s just the  normal crew

Two shifts in twenty four…

And any odd engineer

Wanting to do a lot more!

Solitude in hallways

Except during the breaks…

Allows thing to be reviewed

While sipping a drink that slakes.

–Jonathan Caswell


Like many here,

My home is gone…

No actual place

To rely on.

Their house and the Cottage

Demolished or sold…

There’s just  my wife’s

Birthplace of old!

Options of the train,

Bus or drive…

Like a couple of lemings

Ready to dive!

Her mountain girl reserve

Is almost used up…

She wants her coffee

In a mountain girl’s cup

Viewing from a window

Crane Mountain live…

Meeting relatives

And a banquet to dine;

Talking for hours

With her brother and all;

Wishing great powers

To come back in the fall!

–Jonathan Caswell