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A happy Siobhan Day,

She had been too long away…

The corner of my I

Saw her fly

But she stopped for a smile display!

She birthed a baby boy,

The little one’s her joy…

So fast-growing

She’ll be showing

How to ride a bike before long!


She’s come back to work,

Picking him up on the way home is her perk…

She and her hubby

Love their new buddy,

He’s learning how to smirk!

–Jonathan Caswell


Replacement theology,

Where another cause kicks out “J.C.”…

Heresy willed

And old ideas killed,

Making way for fantasy.

In personal terms a dream,

Has a willful replacement scheme…

The one who looks best

Drawn closer pressed,

Instead of the  spouse who is that being!

What limited dream actions viewed,

Reality finds then construed…

Not innocently

But of your wish to flee,

The one who wants your vows renewed.

–Jonathan Caswell


Come away with me Sweet,

To a place with breadfruit to eat…

I’ve not tasted

It  won’t be wasted,

But you are my ultimate treat!

Giving time for hands

Exploring wonderful lands…

Soft yet salty

Heart beats vaulting,

No one watches from the stands!

Thus appreciating minds

Our growing desire reclines…

Closer growing

Inward going,

For stiffening excitement we’re taking time.

Thinking ’bout THIS for  hours,

Necessitates long cold showers…!

Cannot endure

Until exploring your

Paradise for wondrous hours!!!!!



Mom’s been gone since nineteen-ninety,

Struck down by cancer’s scare…

The scare was real and metastisized,

And changed textures of her hair.

Knowledge is one thing, acceptance is all–

Seeing what I early-on missed…

I love my Mother for who she was,

There wasn’t time to be kissed.

You know that sons have mixed feeling for Mom,

Pre-romantic as well as fear…

I wish I could have responded more

Positively (can she hear-?).

Worked through my feelings and I’m free,

To miss her as her younger son…

I wish I could hug her and thank her for all,

In Heaven perhaps that is done!

–Jonathan Caswell


He and his wife have a new baby,

Did he help with night feedings, maybe..

As his magnet slipped

He said he “wasn’t equipped”

But left that up to his lady!



Let’s call it tomato magic,

One plant–the other is tragic…

No flowers at all

Will any by Fall,

Fill our tomato basket?

The plant with flowers has six,

Pollination depends on bug tricks…

They both grew

In a back window to,

Be grown in our garden …n the sticks!

We planted some flowers on sale,

They’ve brightened up our little vale…

Continuing to grow

With tomato,

Seeing bright flowers never gets stale!

–J. E. Caswell


A friend of mine at my job

Had a bouncing baby boy,

Ten pounds and no ounces–

Her bundle of joy…

Happy are all of us

That her baby finally came,

but in all the excitement

We do not know his name!

–Jonathan Caswell


The joy, sorrow and bother

I’ll never know like a father…

Learning his mate’s ways

Making sure she stays,

Welding, not just solder!

The mystery producing a child,

The first must drive one wild…

With great joy

Whether girl or boy,

One hopes for the meek and mild?

Raising sons and daughters,

Each different set of “oughters”…

Helping through

Adolescence too,

The journey through deep troubled waters.

Trusting that first date,

Will the other appreciate…

His kid’s value–

And handle the few

Who may try to hurt or rape?

Graduations–have enjoyed her niece’s–

As parents would we fall to pieces?…

Empty nest days

A couple relays,

Relations as togetherness increases!

–Jonathan Caswell


On this property,

Efforts have been properly…

Been made to “de=goose”

Flocks from use,

The sidewalks and pond are “goose-free”.

Except one little tribe,

Hanging on and survives…

This couple produces

Half-a-dozen young  “gooses”,

That fly off for the rest of their lives.

–Jonathan Caswell,


Cool days and cold nights,

Keeping the bugs down at night….

The warm-up is when?

Song birds take in string

For their nursery building…

First batch of eggs up!

Yet is springtime love,

In Bridal Expos given…

Romance harvests fruit.

Popular with hawks

At the supply of roadkill–

Before it’s bloated!

Walking by rivers

With them that give you shivers…

Will this stay long-term?

Muskrats poke through ice,

Swans congregate for meetings…

Nature rallies ’round!

Snow shovels, snow blowers,

Are packed away til next year

April blizzard—NO!!!

–Jonathan Caswell